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1. Begin to listen [with your son] the music of your choice so that he can see your

reaction to the music/hold him [hands] and move him and yourself to the music.

2. Name [verbally] the music being heard


Example: (composers)

Duke Ellington

Thelonious Monk


Mama’s favorite music


3. Play all types of music but mostly what you want him/her to favor.

4. Make rhythmic gestures to the music.

5. Sing rhythmic sounds [verbally or on desk top] can be done without music

being played. Start with very simple patterns.

6. Name and single out instruments eventually by name. Imitate the way each

instrument is held and played with your body as both of you are hearing it.

Eventually draw pictures of each instrument.

7. Attend live concerts [develops attentiveness and tolerance level].

8. Make replica of instruments.

9. Recordings and books for reading and listening.

10. Mount pictures and photos of jazz artist near listening facility.

11. Sing catchy four bar phrases that ryhme or fit into a 4 bar phrase.




I dream of Jenny with the light brown hair


This helps to introduce child to the 12 bar blues song form. example: reciting sample above 3 times is 12 bars. (measured meter)


12. Buy and leave jazz magazines around the house.

13. Show jazz video.

14. Song form (32 bars) Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Xmas Song (Nat King Cole, The Flintstones, and the Andy Griffin Show themes.

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